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Privacy Policy

TejVedaant Hospitals recognizes the importance of privacy and is committed in protecting the information you share with us. This Policy is aimed to provide confidence on the usage of the Website and is a reflection of our commitment to the protection of privacy. If you do not agree to the terms in this Policy, we kindly request you to withdraw from the Website.

By using the services of our Website, while registering as a member you are required to provide your contact information viz. your name, date of birth, gender, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, and information about your health, medical records and other required information. The Information so provided is retained for the purpose of providing the services. Your e-mail address and mobile numbers will be used for validation and may also be used to send reminders, schedules, messages or general health related tips and details of programs, service record, medical history, uploaded data and image files, video files, electronic medical records that may be uploaded or created as a result of treatment, medical test results and prescription records, to & from the TejVedaant Hospitals platform and they will be retained for a specified period of time. Please provide accurate details of email address and phone numbers to prevent such communications reaching wrong destinations and note that on such an event, or if incorrect particulars are provided by you, the Website is not responsible for the consequences, if any.

The doctors, administrative personnel and technical personnel will have access to the data that you submit or upload to the Website. We do not have specific Non-Disclosure Agreements with these concerned persons who may be able to access your information on a ‘need to know’ basis. But the TejVedaant Hospitals Website endeavors to protect the security of your personal information, its intended use and to protect your data from loss and misuse.

In order to maintain accuracy and legitimacy of the information such as Personal Information of users you are required to provide, at all times, with true, complete and accurate information.

The Information provided by you are collected and shared with the Consultant selected by you for providing the service of his considered second opinion to you. This information will not be disclosed to any third party not connected with the service sought by you. However, the personal and other information may have to be disclosed under legal requirement.

The internet usage data, Traffic, IP Address, Domain details, system details, may be collected for the purpose of administration of the Website and may also be shared with stake holders, sponsors, investors, under our sole discretion.

Information pertaining to children below 18 years of age is not intended to be collected without consent and guidance from the parent or guardian.

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